Frequently Asked Questions

What is Open RSC?
Began in June 2018, the Open RSC project has been a community driven open source initiative to strive for as close of a replica RSC game experience as possible.

Can I donate or subscribe for perks?
No donations or subscriptions are accepted. We don't need any money.

How often is Open RSC updated?
Multiple times per week.

Is this a replica? What is the experience rate?
Experience rate is set at 1x. We strive to be a replica.

Is a single player version available?
Yes! Visit the GitHub page for more information.

How do I run my own Open RSC private server?
Follow this guide on GitHub.

Who are the Open RSC admins?
Marwolf and Kenix

What is Open RSC's stance on botting?
We have a zero tolerance policy.

How can I help?
Join the Discord chat and come talk to us!

How do I run my own copy?
Visit the Open-RSC Game repository and follow the instructions. Open RSC is Windows, Mac, and Linux compatible!

Any future plans for development?
We want to maintain a traditional RSC server but also build a few fun servers with all sorts of features and you too can run on your own instance!