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Shatter 200
Shatter 10
Mafia Ok bro
Hounded Ima try an kill some ants... i catch up with you in a bit
Hounded Dang nice
Mafia Dragon stone, rune kite, scimmy, and bloods
Hounded Got some gems and 2 rune items you?
Mafia Ok
Hounded After this guy i think
Mafia Ayy rune kite
Hounded Gotta bank soon
Mafia Right
Hounded Closer to bank too
Hounded Yeah better loot faster kills
Mafia So far
Mafia So what u think these vs. dragons
Mafia Dragon stone
Hounded And some big bones
Hounded I got almost 200 dragon bones in bank i think
Mafia Got like 300 dragon bones
Hounded Id prolly be like 43
Hounded Noice
Mafia 49 Now
Hounded What you up to for pray?
Hounded 37 Been for months
Mafia Lvl now?
Hounded Think ima bury bones till just under lvl 38
Mafia Yupp
Hounded Nice 15 bloodw
Mafia Nice nicee
Mafia Mmmhhhhmm
Hounded Lmao r2her
Hounded 0Rune hatchet
Hounded Its nice
Mafia Man ive always wanted to go to alaska
Mafia Battle staff of fire, nice like 15k alch i think
Hounded Maybe they retweek it
Mafia Watch, one of us will get rune kite, legs 2h or battle soon
Hounded True
Mafia After so many
Mafia Drop something
Mafia Maybe im just being sour, but dam ud think black dragons and kbd would
Mafia I mean shit at least they drop something
Mafia 1K each a alch for the sqs
Mafia Right lol
Hounded Lmao so many mith squares... i needa bring alchrunes
Hounded Nice
Mafia Rune schimey 1st drop
Hounded Got an att lvl
Mafia Ooopss
Mafia :P
Hounded Oh ash might be younger
Mafia Thought was only 2
Mafia O shit 3 of em
Hounded Kay is like 16 just got her permit... ash is 11 and rye is 5
Mafia How old r they
Hounded Yeah been ages since i got to see em
Mafia Ayy lol
Mafia U excited to see them?
Hounded Then we can open up our baseball card arcade fry store lol
Mafia Gotcha
Hounded Gotta stay till august cause of nieces
Mafia U going to quit ur job? or still been looking
Mafia Ayyy
Hounded 2 Weeks of condo my myself then she brings back the nieces
Mafia Tell her to take mad pics
Mafia Ooo nice man
Hounded My mum leaves for alaska on tues
Mafia And ive even said that but no1 can confirm
Mafia I know u can check on website
Hounded Lmao yea
Mafia No admin can ever give me a str8 answer on what the f actually drops d med lol
Hounded Word aint nothing perfect...
Mafia Like them not fixing shit right :P
Mafia I try not to get aggervatedd over this lol
Hounded Think i good
Mafia Mmmhhhhmm
Hounded Da efff
Mafia We going right back lol
Mafia Rmr that mage bank we teled from earlier?
Mafia Firesss
Hounded Now where
Mafia Edge
Hounded Where we goin?
Mafia Nopee
Hounded You got any beads from da imppies
Mafia Needa grab more cash out
Mafia Just str pots
Mafia Enough?
Rollin Ova U Gpppppppppp
Mafia How much each nabby
Mafia I get gpsors from bank
Mafia Tell me how much each
Mafia Hmmm
Rollin Ova U I dunno.... coins
Mafia How much each naaaaaaaaaaab
Rollin Ova U And no ida
Rollin Ova U They on hounded
Mafia How much each pray pot
Mafia Any str pots
Rollin Ova U Wanna buy these you hoe
Mafia Now that i remember
Mafia I think i threw away my old dusty keys last time
Mafia Actually
Mafia On my last str pot
Mafia I r poorish
Mafia :(
Rollin Ova U Yeah gimmie your mils
Mafia Or ssp
Mafia Got any ssp or sap to sell?
Mafia Ewwwwww
Rollin Ova U Beat you loser
Mafia Gogogogog
Mafia Cammmyyy
Hounded Meet in catherbty bank biatch
Hounded Dude you got a came tele on you?
Mafia Then go edge
Mafia Then grab d ammy
Mafia I can tele to camelot
Hounded Oh fuck yteahhhh
Mafia Actually
Mafia I got no runes lol
Mafia O this mkfer
Hounded Gonna see if he has any ppots
Mafia Edge tele?
Mafia Yeaa
Hounded So you wanna hit fires instead?
Mafia Ayoo
Rollin Ova U Sup fags
Hounded These guys have chunkier bones
Mafia Loot, food, etc
Mafia Yuppp
Hounded For loot?
Mafia Brah, fire giants are wayy better
Hounded Noiceeeee
Mafia Yea probly
Hounded Shit was that a 30 law drop>?
Hounded Suck my dick bitch
Hounded I got my alt uptop
Mafia Oo i wasnt potted :P
Mafia Hahah lol
Hounded Well they is the second hardest monster in game yo
Mafia Do u see this shit
Hounded To trade our loot too an shit
Mafia So amny fhkin 0s
Hounded I gotta get an alt up here
Mafia Yea
Hounded You bring att or str pots?
Mafia Thanks
Mafia Run and trade? :P
Mafia No space
Mafia Na
Hounded Want more?
Hounded Key spare
Hounded Wait for key to come back
Mafia This lil fhker blocking me
Hounded Over here
Hounded Yo get extras
Mafia Yup
Hounded Good?
Hounded I wait herre
Mafia Ofc i forget to eat at bank
Mafia Ooo a secret way
Mafia O
Mafia What u mean
Hounded This way you noob
Mafia To grab key
Mafia Key
Hounded Where you goin
Mafia Yeaaaaaaaaa
Hounded You gotta get yo key bacdk
Hounded Not good baseball day
Hounded It rained anyway....
Mafia Nice good for u
Hounded So i went to later chuch
Mafia Sounds like u get nice perks
Hounded And i didn't wake up early enough for 9am church
Hounded But it was 1pm start time
Mafia Dam word
Hounded Radio station was at my work giving out tickets
Hounded Haven;'t been in years
Hounded Used to go lots asa kid
Mafia Oo nice man thats cool
Hounded Aaa red sox vs Aaa braves
Mafia Which game
Mafia Ewww
Mafia Forgot airs
Hounded Slept in too late to go to a free baseball game today
Mafia Fuckkkk
Mafia I keep searching my bank ust incase
Hounded Dun forget ur pray ammy
Mafia Ok i will
Mafia Cant believe i dropped my dusty key smfh
Hounded If you find anyone selling pumpkins buy em and Ill pay you back
Hounded With d sword
Hounded No just praying and smacking em
Mafia U taking runes?
Hounded Rdy when you are
Mafia :D
Hounded You owe me herbs
Mafia Woot
Hounded Trade
Mafia Righttt
Hounded Dumbass lol
Mafia Smh
Mafia And i thik i dropped my dusty key in drop party lol
Hounded Ew thats it?
Mafia 2 Pray pots
Hounded Tele to fally
Mafia K
Hounded Lets do those
Mafia Yea
Mafia Gotcha
Mafia Ohhh ok
Hounded U got a dusty key?
Mafia Black dragon in edge dungeon lol?
Hounded Near the ladder that goes up near catherby
Mafia Wdf
Hounded Yeah
Mafia Black dragon?
Hounded I normally do ones in edge dungeon
Mafia They in the maze :D
Mafia Ooohh
Hounded Where the fuck are they in wildy
Mafia Ok
Hounded Wildy?
Mafia Wildy or near mountains
Hounded Doubt it...
Mafia And which black dragons we going to
Mafia Buy*
Mafia U got some p pots i can bu
Hounded Uhlik 8k air 9k fire
Mafia How many fire runes u got in bank
Hounded Yeah think you gave me everything i lost
Mafia Enough or na
Mafia How many fires u got
Mafia Oops
Mafia Enough or na
Mafia How many fires u got
Hounded Back
Mafia I collected a nice amount from fire giants
Mafia Eww
Hounded From jenny and others
Hounded Bought most of the bloods for 1 or 1.5k eacgh
Mafia Of course lol
Hounded Thx for getting my shiz
Mafia True
Hounded U lead after the gate.. i need water lol
Mafia But this is some stupid shit haha
Mafia Yea i agree, before was too easy not fun lol
Hounded I mean it was way to easy before but this is cray cray
Mafia Drag hitting regular but u know we're supposed to be able to run and mage etc
Hounded Word
Mafia U need to tell ur boys to fix this shit
Hounded And try and get some meds
Mafia Bro
Hounded Lets just go to normal black drags
Mafia Na i stole urs on floor :D
Mafia Mush mush
Hounded U need pot
Mafia Yea imc oming up
Hounded I got no weapons
Mafia Smh
Hounded I need you to cut webs
Mafia Boo
Hounded Da f it aint here
Mafia Cape?
Mafia Mann wdf is this bs
Mafia How much u pay
Hounded Lol
Hounded These bloods were expensive
Hounded We better get some good drops
Mafia Ill block and then try to mage him as well after
Hounded That fucker
Mafia Wow just bones lol
Hounded I'll attack next oneand you block
Hounded So you damage now
Hounded Ahhhhh they fized the mage thing
Mafia Nope
Hounded Hmmm so i can't cast right
Mafia Hhhahaha
Hounded Foook
Mafia Rwarrrrrr
Mafia Ready
Mafia Alrighty
Mafia Dam man i need to get 80 mmage cause i got like 1k bloods
Hounded Pew pew
Mafia Ooo
Mafia On phone abt to hang up
Hounded Word
Mafia Gimmie 2mins
Hounded Mosquito stings swell up to size of a nickel
Hounded I react bad to stings
Mafia Mfkers are fierce
Mafia Right
Hounded Fuck that shit
Mafia Maddd fire ant hills
Mafia I helped a friend mow his gmas yard last week
Mafia Nice
Hounded So they stay away
Hounded Guess it is so fine that if they breath it they die
Mafia Lolol
Hounded Learned that from an ant channel where I guy has giant ant tanks
Hounded I heard um baby powder or something keels them away
Mafia And near the ants
Mafia And then putting that on a stick
Mafia Mixing honey with baking soda
Mafia Or saw
Mafia Sooo i read that
Hounded Not the big carpenter ants
Hounded They are those little fuckers
Mafia Ewwww
Hounded I dun wanna smell it
Hounded I need to spray once i"m off the desktop
Mafia Ewwww
Hounded I got fucking ants in my room
Mafia :O
Hounded Oh 88 nice
Mafia :P
Mafia Ok
Hounded I got 1k of em... so if I die you best pick em up
Mafia I got some bloods on me to pew pew wit
Mafia Mush mush
Hounded Word
Mafia U got poison pot?
Mafia Wurd
Hounded I got an anti and a d ammy to tele out with
Hounded Yo
Mafia U brning a poison pot?
Mafia Ayyyo
Shatter Can you talk to this guy for me please
Neboh Hi
Shatter Neboh
Zerstoror Hi
Grimboe Heya
Zerstoror 3
Mod L :3
Mod Rick Ibm :)
Mod L I am many
Mod L I am one
Shar I just got 1 hit
Shar Uhh
Mod L O_o
Shar Att mode
Shar Wow
Mod Rick Ibm :Logg_face:
Mod L :Thinking_face:
Mod Rick Ibm Duel time?
Shar Mod L citizen
Shar Kk
Shar Anyone need donations or teleports?
Fred West Ardardy tele please
Shar Kk
Killd0zer Edgeville plz
Shar Ty for donatiions kldozer!
Mod Rick Ibm Teles
Shar Anyone need a teleport anywhere?
Grimboe I got a few more donations
Shar An6one else have donstions?
Grimboe Awesome thanks :)
Shar I can in a minute grim
Shar Mmm
Fred West Anyone Gotta Ammy Of Accuracy For Sale?
Rick Ibm [email protected]@Rick Ibm:[email protected]@You search the chest, but find nothing
Grimboe Any chance i can get sent back to ardy market?
Shar Junkvincluded!
Shar Tak8ng all donatio s!
Grimboe Anytime :)
Shar Ty grimboe!
Shar Nice!
Shar Trade for donations!
Grimboe I got some donations :p
Shar Anyyhing helps!
Shar Trade me uf yoh have any donations
Shar @[email protected] taking donations for next months drop party!
Shar Also
Neboh That was fun haha
Rick Ibm @[email protected]
Shar Rememeber all items were donated by players!
Grimboe Woo woo
Killd0zer Wee
Shar Thnks for joininv us for thr drop party!
Rick Ibm Woo
Rick Ibm :P
Rick Ibm Finally
Shar Last drop!
Rick Ibm Was just here
Rick Ibm Pfft
Shar Oops
Rick Ibm Lol
Shar : : Kick rickibm
Rick Ibm U said that before lol
Shar Last two drops!
Killd0zer Lol
Mod L Grapes of wrath
Tylerbeg :O
Shar Last couple drops!
Orbrun I havent gotten anything :p
Rick Ibm Everyone? lol
Shar Who hasnt gotten eggs?
Neboh Lol
Tylerbeg Delicious charbroiled fish
Marwolf Done
Mafia Eewwww
Mafia Graveyard pleasee
Mafia Can u transfer me back to wildy pleaseee :D
Rick Ibm Cmon kris
Tylerbeg Let's pick flax together
Marwolf Banker gere
Rick Ibm Spoiled players lol
Marwolf Ill bring a banker
Kenix We can spawn a temp banker
Jenny Only heather could use it
Mod L Maybe if there was a bank up here lol
Marwolf Lol
Shar No one wants addy? lol
Marwolf Duel me to get poisoned!
Fred West Ty
Fred West Kk
Jenny Just give me mats and i make them
Fred West Ok
Jenny Dont have any atm
Fred West 3 Dragstones?
Fred West Jenn What Will It Take To Buy A Drag Ammy?
Marwolf Duel to get poisioned!
Marwolf I see
Kenix ::Bank shar
Shar 400 Eggs
Shar Lots
Marwolf How much is left?
Clem223 Ill get some gold bars and hit u up later
Jenny Can make the rest iff you get mats
Jenny Np
Clem223 Nice! Ty
Marwolf Orly
Grimboe Rofl thanks for the 50k :P
Mod L Shadow banned
Mafia I feel like i got a block on chat or something lol
Jenny 1St to trade me gets mafias 50k he gave me
Mafia Usually chats going crazy lol.
Jenny Ty
Mafia Eee
Jenny Lol
Mafia 1St to trade me gets 50k
Jenny Clem you can have the other
Fred West :P
Jenny Lol someone else donated it
Grimboe Youre the best! tyvm
Grimboe Rlly? awesome!
Jenny You can have a free one i just picked up
Grimboe Hey jenny by any chance can i barter for a drag ammy with ya :P
Clem223 Rune hogs
Shar Notvmuch donzted
Shar Ill grab some rune now
Jenny Ik collecting for people who dont have
Killd0zer What did jenny do
Jenny Lmao
Marwolf Lol jenny
Mafia Eww jenny
Rick Ibm Woo
Marwolf Drop rune!!
Tylerbeg Lol
Marwolf Lol the meat
Shar Eggs are noted drops between 10 and 20
Tylerbeg Mmmm eggs
Marwolf Bead!
Mafia Top right corner no?
Mafia Lol
Marwolf Lol
Jenny Lol
Fred West Of all people to get the drag ammy haha
Marwolf Oo ammy
Marwolf Lol the drops
Marwolf Oooo
Sourkeys Crap eh.... lets fix thst.
Grimboe I had a lot of cake :P
Rick Ibm Cake city lol
Fred West So much crap
Mafia Ayoo
Mafia Tralalla
Neboh I got 1
Sourkeys I got 1
Shar Whovgot eggs?
Shar Oh wait. yes they are
Jenny Skull wasnt glitch
Shar Notes not working for me atm
Rick Ibm Use chest to donate
Shar Notes not woekign
Grimboe Hey is it still too late to donate?
Rick Ibm Jenny is skulled
Kenix Yeee
Mod L Yeet free greenmans ale
Mod L Owo
Sourkeys Can i get tele to fhe bank and back? got donations
Mod L Yeet
Orbrun I didnt know it'd happen
Orbrun Lol
Sourkeys Lol
Mod L Rip
Mafia Can i get a telly to sears?
Orbrun Noooo my coins
Orbrun Very cool
Fred West Ty
Sourkeys Neat
Mod L It's for donations
Mafia Ill drop some thangss
Clem223 Whats this doing up here
Fred West Yes please
Mafia Me pleaseee
Mafia Ayyoo
Shar I got it
Shar Then duration in minut3s
Shar Seers.
Marwolf Whats the chest spawn command
Rick Ibm Mod logg lol
Mod L .Hiyo
Clem223 Welcome
Shar Hihi
Sourkeys Hey
Shar Yoooo
Clem223 Whats up dude
Shar Its kristof here
Clem223 Welcome
Shar Hello
Orbrun Can you do follow loops in rsc?
Marwolf Oi
Clem223 Whats up
Orbrun :O
Rick Ibm Purple
Rick Ibm Hey
Clem223 Yo
Orbrun Hey guys
Rick Ibm Sup
Clem223 Yo
Shar 1
Black Hole Hello
Zappa Lol :P
Ausant Im 9 crafting lolz
Zappa 57 Atm
Ausant What lvl
Ausant Nice
Zappa Good, crafting
Ausant Yeah good, what you up to
Zappa Good thx u
Ausant How are u
Ausant Yo
Zappa Yo
Black Hole Hello
Red Bracket Hey
Zappa Yo
Red Bracket H
Fred West Fandango!
Sharick Cya
Fred West Cya pal
Sharick Teleport to lumbridge
Fred West Yeah loggin on every now n then
Sharick Buying arrows?
Fred West Yo
Sharick Fred what up
Zappa Thanks :)
Mod Rick Ibm Gl and take care :)
Zappa Trying to get crafting up to lvl 60
Mod Rick Ibm Cool
Zappa Work and things :(
Zappa Ye not had as much time to play recently
Mod Rick Ibm Haven't seen u in a bit and thought i just check and say hello
Zappa Ye not bad thx
Mod Rick Ibm How's it going?
Zappa U ok?
Mod Rick Ibm Heyo
Zappa Yoo
Zappa :)
Ted Bundy Nooooob
Ted Bundy Because if you win your the champs
Legend :O
Laurens Doei monky
Laurens Ze weten datje thuis bent
Gerblore Ja
Laurens Lucien doe open
Gerblore Hihi
Laurens Hey ;qte
Laurens Hallloo
Laurens Hey leeghoofd
Gerblore 0
Pizza Rat Ha
Pizza Rat Gtfo
Pizza Rat Suck itt
Pizza Rat I can still pick up my loot
Pizza Rat Wow